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Avionics Installations

Whether you need a simple intercom installation or a complete panel retrofit we have the expertise to ensure a smooth on time delivery. We build custom instrument panels, install all the newest avionics from all of the major Avionics Manufacturers. Avionics 1st has preferred dealerships from Garmin, Aspen Avionics, Avidyne, Electronics International, JP Instruments, PS Engineering, Mid Continent Instruments and many more.

ADS-B Installations

Avionics 1st is well versed in ADS-B Installations. We have installed ADS-B equipment from Garmin, L-3, Free Flight, Aspen, and Appareo Stratus. We have the test equipment to ensure you leave with a fully functional and compliant ADS-B system.

Avionics Repair

Avionics 1st can troubleshoot and repair avionics problems from intermittent PTT and encoder adjustments to the most complex and troublesome problems that can have pilots pulling out their hair. If it needs fixed, we can do it.

Autopilot repairs

Autopilots often have pilots at their wits end. It could be pitch porpoises, roll oscillations or many other problems. Dennis understands autopilots and will work the problem to the end.

Annual Avionics Inspections

Avionics 1st drug tests all of its employees in accordance with FAA requirements for repair stations working on Part 135 aircraft. If you are in need of a shop that can perform your AAIP and repair the problems found we are your shop.

91.411 and 91.413 Inspections

Avionics 1st can perform your 91.411 and 91.413 Bi-annual inspections. In most cases we can provide this feature with 1 day service.